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American Concrete

When it comes to the topic of our nation’s Christian heritage, you have two main schools of thought: The liberal mindset that insists our forefathers viewed religion as something to be negotiated as an administrative duty The Conservative Christian platform that maintains an aggressive acknowledgement and pursuit of God’s Assistance characterized the collective perspective of […]

Twenty Five Inconvenient Realities

The Separation of Church and State is a phrase often used by people who want to insist that Christianity had no real role in our nation’s founding – cerntainly nothing that had any significant influence on those that articulated our cause, created our Constitution and fought the battles that culminated in the surrender of Great […]

March 20, 1781

During the Revolutionary War, Congress issued sixteen proclamations calling for a National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Humilation. Take a look at the table below. You can click on the “page one | page two” links in the “Journals of the Continental Congress (1774 – 1875)” column to see the image of the text as […]

The Black Robe Regiment

Dissenting Clergy Peter Oliver was a lawyer and by the time of the Revolution had risen to the position of chief justice of the Superior Court in Massachusetts. He was incredibily wealthy, served in a variety of community and church positions and was fiercely loyal to the crown. His perspective on the Revolutionary War was […]