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American Devotional Series | Video Trailer

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American Concrete

When it comes to the topic of our nation's Christian heritage,…

Twenty Five Inconvenient Realities

The Separation of Church and State is a phrase often used…

March 20, 1781

During the Revolutionary War, Congress issued sixteen proclamations…

The Black Robe Regiment

Dissenting Clergy Peter Oliver was a lawyer and by the time…

Captures the True Strength of Our Founding Fathers

Bruce Gust tackles the challenges of being a Christian in this present age by going back in history to the challenges and conquering spirits of our founding fathers – a group of imperfect men leaning on a perfect creator. Loaded with historical nuances and meaningful scriptures, The American Devotional Series, Part One: The Revolutionary War is an inspirational devotional from start to finish!

The Faith of Our Founders

This devotional is so well-researched in showing how the creation of the United States of America was built upon Judeo-Christian values. The connection between a Biblical world-view and the idea that became America is undeniable and is reinforced in this succinct 30-day devotional. It is an excellent resource for all who want to understand the foundation of the American dream.

A Wonderful, Historical Devotional!

This is a great devotional!! Very short, easy read, not necessarily a deep dive, for 30 days. Each day quotes someone that was an influencer during the Revolutionary War. It’s really different and I really like it! I haven’t finished it yet and yes, I read ahead because I was intrigued. You can purchase it on Amazon.
I HIGHLY recommend this devotional!!

Difficult to Stick to Only One Devotional per Day!

This historical Christian devotional is excellent detail of how our American history meshes with our Christian walk. It is difficult to not continue reading multiple devotionals throughout the day. I highly recommend this devotional series.

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